Prefabricated roof trusses are an easy and cost-effective way of building. These trusses can be created for the simplest, or the most complex of roof designs, ensuring that they cater for all structures.

Once delivered on site, you can be confident in discovering the many benefits that our roof trusses provide. They’re quick and easy to install, saving time and labour costs. Given that our roof trusses are made in our factories using precision jigs, their accuracy is like no other, promising the upmost convenience on site.

So next time you’re designing or building a project, talk to a AAA Advanced Truss staff member who will assure you on the benefits of using prefabricated roof trusses.


Long clear spans, avoiding need for internal load bearing walls, beams, & columns

More flexibility to place interior walls where you want

Less material shortage delays

Accurate and well-engineered; no guess work on job-site

And of course, Easy to install