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Prefabricated Timber Roof Trusses

AAA is Victoria’s premier designer and manufacturer of premium-quality, prefabricated timber roof trusses. Our prefabricated roof trusses are engineered on-site in Melbourne and in accordance with Australian quality standards.

AAA trusses are suitable for both residential and commercial projects throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Our experienced and highly-skilled team will work with you to ensure our timber roof trusses are designed and finished to meet your project specifications. We use the latest technology and machinery to guarantee precision fabrication for the most complex roof truss designs and structures.

Choose AAA’s prefabricated roof trusses for your next project to:

  • Streamline your installation process
  • Reduce project labour costs
  • Accelerate project completion
  • Enjoy truss design flexibility
  • Minimise on-site wastage

Request a quote or call us on +61 3 8782 7200 to discuss your project requirements or to learn more about our prefabricated timber roof trusses.

Prefabricated Timber Roof Truss Advantages

Prefabricated timber trusses can span longer distances than traditional framework, resulting in building projects that are less reliant on internal supporting structures such as load-bearing walls, beams, & columns.

Prefabricated trusses allow for more flexibility when it comes to the positioning of your interior walls. Interior walls can be installed, or even moved, to align with your design requirements.

Our roof trusses streamline the overall construction process. Trusses are manufactured off-site in AAA’s Melbourne factory, then delivered to site ready to install, eliminating delays caused by on-site production and material shortages.

Trusses are manufactured using the latest technology and machinery to ensure high-level engineering and precision fabrication of all finished products.

Ultimately, prefabricated roof trusses are quick and easy to install. The optimised installation and erection process will result in reduced on-site labour costs and faster project completion.