With a steady incline in the number of work sites requiring a Franna Crane to safely unload products on site, we here at AAA Advanced Trusses have a 22 tonne Franna (pick carry crane) in order to take our service to the next level We will supply a licenced crane driver, ticketed spotter and dogman


Franna crane hire - wall frames, posi struts, joists, trusses

Wall Frames, Posi Struts, Joists, Trusses

Franna crane hire - windows

Windows to second stories

Franna crane hire - steel & timber beams

Steel & Timber Beams

Franna crane hire for building products

Stillages holding building products

Franna crane hire - shipping containers

Shipping Containers

You may need a Franna Crane on site to:

  • Unload in a safe area away from obstructions/hazards (i.e. powerlines) and then drive with the load at ground level to avoid no go zones for powerlines (with ticketed spotter).
  • Access areas that a crane truck cannot (i.e. battle axe block/long driveway/low trees).
  • Heavy lifts (max 22 tonnes up close).
  • Lighter lifts (less than 1.5 tonne) 17m reach at 40 degrees articulation subject to site conditions
  • Steep and sloping blocks.
  • Increased efficiency (correct crane supplied 1st time).
  • More accurately predicting timelines and cost.
Franna crane hire Melbourne